You don’t need to use a flamethrower to deal with the mice in your property! Tactical Pest Control LLC is here to save you from Mickey wannabes. Just let us know of your problem at (775) 372-6135. We have been in pest control for the last 7 years and we have never failed to assist. Now for our clients in Reno, NV we have the improved rodent control service. Our services are always custom made and come with different special offers and promotions like our senior citizen and military employees discount. Call us if you need your house safe once more or if you wish to protect from the damage of the rodent’s sharp teeth.


We know that dealing with vermin is nasty and sometimes scary. They always seem to hide in the dirty and hard to reach dark places

.Forget your worries! All you have to do on the day of the service is let our exterminators in. First, they will inspect the state of the property top to bottom. This is done to find the nest, the holes, and the most used paths of the rodents. The rodent control service continues with the actual extermination of the pest. 


There are various methods to create a pest free environment and our technicians know them all. They will use an adequate method depending on the level of infestation of your property. In some cases, it is necessary to set a trap and some poison, in case of a massive infestation more drastic measures will be taken. Either way, you will receive top quality rodent control service. At the end of the service, you will receive further instructions and advise how to avoid new infestation.

Tactical Pest Control LLC services are available for all households and business properties. We can take any job regardless of size, purpose, or type of the building in Reno, NV. We can deal with insects like spiders, bedbugs, roaches, wasps, and more. Or you can hire our rodent control service to deal with all sizes of mice and rodents. Our exterminators can even deal with pigeons. Choose us to deal with the infestation in your house and we will make sure you live once more in a pest-free environment!