How Do Perform Your Own Rodent Control

Rodents must be controlled and never be allowed into a residential home. Due to the fact, even a few can rapidly reproduce or you will end up with a severe problem. Rodents can get into food and will spread diseases via their droppings. Once a residential house has a rodent problem, the homeowner will need to call in a professional rodent control company, and even though they can be expensive, it is the best way to exterminate these pests.

It can be somewhat difficult to stop rodents from gaining access to most homes due to the fact they can burrow or squeeze through cracks in a home’s foundation or often the roof. All exterior surfaces must be checked regularly, and any gaps or holes caulked up to stop even the smallest rodents from gaining access.

Also, ensuring the property and garage are kept neat and debris free, as rodents love to make their nests in piles of debris, newspapers and old cardboard boxes. Bushes need to be kept trimmed to stop rodents from hiding in them. Ground cover plants are also places which greatly appeal to rodents. Also, rodent nests are often found in firewood boxes, so these must be covered and not have any cracks or gaps.

Other areas you need to pay attention to are garbage cans and unkempt compost bins. Compost bins that are full of rotting vegetable greatly appeal to rodents, so every bin must be frequently emptied. Metal trash cans that have tight-fitting lids work best for rodent control, as they are unable to gnaw their way through them. In homes, food like crackers, cereal, and baked goods have to be placed in gap-proof storage containers. Any professional exterminator will tell you that 2 mice can create approximately 72 offspring every year and they only have to be a couple of months old procreate.

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