If you’re looking for reliable pest control services in Reno, NV, you can count on the experts in Tactical Pest Control LLC to get the job done right. With prompt service and customer satisfaction in mind, we offer professional pest control services at affordable rates and results that last. Our pest exterminator team will solve all your infestation problems without delay using safe and non-toxic products and humane methods. You can count on us to provide you with a pest-free environment. We provide the following services:

Ant Extermination Service

Carpenter ants are around 0.25 to 1 inch long and are indigenous in many parts of the world. They prefer damp wood to build their nests in and sometimes, they will hollow out sections of trees and stumps. The most likely culprit behind your ant infestation is the Black Carpenter Ant. However, there are thousands of species of Black Carpenter Ants and all of them have sharp pincers that can even break human skin when they are harmed or attacked. If you have ant problems, let us solve the problem with you with our professional ant control service. We will locate the nest and kill the queen to prevent the infestation from spreading.

Rodent Extermination Service

Everywhere where humans live, you can be sure that rodents will be there as well. Rodents seem to have a knack for surviving in small, cramped spaces and for their small size, they can cause massive damage to your home and spread diseases as well. With our rodent control service, we will get rid of all rodents in your home depending on your preference. Rodent extermination is a messy job and that is why we use clean and effective methods to catch rats without the nasty side effects.

Tactical Pest Control LLC provides expert pest control services in the areas and we will make sure that rats and ants are effectively removed from your property. Call us now at (775) 372-6135, or you can also visit us at Reno, NV.