Why Hire an Affordable Pest Control Specialist at the End of Summer?


Although most people believe that the worst pest infestations that they may ever encounter will be in the summer, the fall is also full of surprises, and homeowners who really care about the health of their garden should keep in mind that some pests appear during the fall and cause some damage as well. Today, the affordable pest control specialists of Tactical Pest Control LLC will focus on 3 of those pests that you may encounter in your back yard in September and October and will advise you on how to quickly get rid of this nuisance.

1.    Aphids. They are most commonly found in growing tips or buds. In order to manage their infestations when they are still not that many, you can wash the aphids off with water and spray them with insecticidal soap.

2.    Agave weevils. They chew agave leaves and introduce bacterial rot. You may remove and destroy the affected plants for best results, and treat the soil with a grub pesticide so they do not appear again. Luckily, not many homeowners in Reno, NV have agave plants in their yard, so this problem is not that common.

3.    Cut worms. Their name comes from the type of harm they can do to your backyard plants. Cut worms can cut off young plants near the soil line. They hide under the soil during the day and are more active at night. You can spray them with a good pesticide for starters but if you do not know how to do this in a safe and environmentally-friendly way, you’d better contact a local affordable pest control company.

If you are a member of the local community, we strongly recommend you to schedule a consultation with one of our exterminators so that they can inspect the garden damage and propose you the most effective and budget-friendly solution for you. Call our affordable pest control team at (775) 372-6135 now, for more information!